Fortune Cookie Valentines

By Vanessa on February 01, 11
14 Days till V-Day… so many ideas, so little time! For this Valentine’s Day treat idea I’m “thinking [inside] the box”. I’ve always loved fortune cookies and thought it’d be so fun to make my own with custom I looked into some recipes and yea, no… They are way too time consuming and delicate. Although I’m usually crazy enough to try it, I’ve opted out this time. Instead, I’ve decided I can improve upon the beloved fortune cookie by adding…. you guessed it… CHOCOLATE!!!! (and sprinkles too)
My son Abe (almost 4) had a great time helping me make these. Sprinkles are his thing!
Fortune Cookie Valentines
First take your regular old store bought fortune cookies and unwrap. Don’t forget to recycle your wrappers!
Fortune Cookie Valentines
Dip cookies in melted candy coating or chocolate chips and place on wax paper to dry. Wait a minute or two before adding the sprinkles. That’s it, no baking required!
Fortune Cookie Valentines
Now crack one open, you know, just for a quick taste test ;)
Okay, now you’re ready to package. You can buy pre-made chinese take-out boxes in various colors. They can be found at a craft store or in the party supply section at your local Walmart. These can be embellished by adding stickers and/or ribbon.
Stay tuned for some more fun Valentines ideas.
*Peace Love & Cupcakes*

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