Wednesday Wisdom From Wee Ones

By Vanessa on August 24, 11

This is the first of my new weekly series that shares the greatest lessons in life… those we learn through the fresh eyes of a “wee one”. I am a firm believer that you learn best from experience…or utter lack of experience.

Today’s Lesson:

Trust must be earned!  Don’t just give it out for free or it’ll end up costing you.

Like snowflakes, every individual is unique…so why do I think I can treat my two very different boys the same??

My oldest son, so gentle and timid, could always be trusted around an electric socket, markers, even a pair of scissors.

My youngest son, not so gentle or timid, should NOT be trusted with ANYTHING. I trustingly handed him a crayon and coloring page to keep him busy and he defaced the whole house in like 6.8 seconds flat!  Now it’s costing me lots of clean-up time :(  No fear though, another thing I’ve learned because of my “wee ones”, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magical!!

Now I’ll leave you to enjoy & reflect on Essa’s beautiful art gallery

I call this one “Terri-table Twos”

“Cold Inner Soul”


“P.O. My Bro”

(oh yes he did, on his brother’s fancy Nintendo DS)

Have a wonderful Wednesday ya’all!!

*Peace Love & Cupcakes*


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2 Responses to “Wednesday Wisdom From Wee Ones”

  1. Christina says:

    Hey that looks like my house! My 3 year old will color on anything if given 2 seconds of freedom!

  2. Marisa says:

    Oh no! We’ve only had a few instances of this, thank goodness. Your captions cracked me up. “Cliche”…love it!

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