SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Luau

By Vanessa on June 23, 12

My “baby” boy turned three last month and there was no better way to celebrate than with bubbles, water, and a whole lotta SpongeBob!  For a while I was struggling with a theme for Essa’s birthday. I like to stay away from overly commercial themes.  However, after witnessing his extreme excitement over a SpongeBob cake at DQ, my sister convinced me that the choice was clear!

Upon asking Essa if he’d like a SpongeBob birthday party, he replied “it’s going to be the best party evaaaaa” (quote from SpongeBob house party episode).  My little sister was right… for once… and let me tell you, his party was “outta this world” (another quote from that episode)!

I thought it would be a fun twist to turn the party into a Bikini Bottom Luau! I was able to find many great luau decorations and favors at Dollar Tree and Party City this time of the year!

There are a ton of SpongeBob party decorations out there but I always like to make some of my own. I drew up SpongeBob’s face and made these printable sleeves to wrap around mini foam cups.  I filled the treat cups with chocolate covered alphabet pretzels sprinkled with nonpareils.

I also used the face to make bubble wrappers. They sell nice SpongeBob bubble favors at Party City but I wanted larger bubble favors since it’s once of SpongeBob’s and Essa’s favorite activities!

These Plankton Jello cups were my favorite treat of the whole party!  My friends commented that “Plankton stole the show”.  I used plastic cordial glasses (Party City) and lime Jello.  I draw up some eyeballs and eyebrows and taped them onto the glass.  I cut his antenna’s out of black paper and glued each little horizontal strip.  It was very time consuming but worth the effort I think.

Tea biscuits were dipped in yellow candy melts to make “sponge biscuits”.  They were very simple and inexpensive to put together. Unfortunately these, along with the ch0coalate cupcake liner, melted rather quickly in the 90 plus degree heat.  I figured it would happen but it was still a bit disappointing :(

I made starfish cookies out of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix.  They were frosted with white frosting and dusted with pink sugar. Per my husband’s suggestion, I added some sugar google eyes that I had laying around.

SpongeBob party favors and candies were placed in tall glass vases.  I’ve used these simple vases many times to create party favor grab bins.

When I saw these square plastic containers at Dollar Tree I knew I had to turn them into SpongeBob!  I blew up my face drawing and cut out the parts to attach them to the bin.  Luckily my sister-in-law helped me cut all this stuff out. She did a great job keeping those eyelashes in tact, don’t you think?  I used the bins for blue and yellow leis so that everyone would have proper luau attire.

I made “fill your own” goody bags for people to take home.

For drinks, we served Kelp-Aid (Lime Kool Aid)  in glass bottles.

These were store bought mini cupcakes topped with toothpick toppers. The SpongeBob and Patrick toppers were purchased from Party City and the Parasols from Dollar Tree.

This was his birthday cake before it melted into a gooey mess. I quickly placed it back into the fridge and revived it enough to have one pretty side for candles!

For food, we just HAD to serve Krabby Patties! Since Mr. Krabs wouldn’t miss a change to make some extra cash, he brought in a  Krusty Krab Express Tiki Hut!!

I bought this really cool straw umbrella online to complete the look.

Mr. Krabs also brought in the official Krusty Krab menu.

I draw up some french fry box templates and used them to hold Coral Bits which were actually husk-less popcorn.

On the menu we also had potato salad, chicken tenders, pasta salad, coleslaw and had a toppings bar for the Krabby Patties.

All in all, this “commercial” party theme turned out to be soooo much fun to plan!  My son and all his friends had a great time and it truly felt like the “best party evaaaa”!!

Until next time…

*Peace, Love & Cupcakes*

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  1. Joanna says:

    I love it. everything looks amazing!!!

  2. Johana says:

    How Much for spongebob squarepant cupcake wrapped printable I can pay u by PayPal and u can email me the printable of spongebob cupcake wrapped I need by today at 4pm

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