Andes Mint Cream Filled Cupcakes

By Vanessa on December 05, 12

Many people have been asking where I’ve been (well ok maybe not “many” but at least some)! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, it’s obvious that my posts have dwindled down over the past few months. I’ve had to take some time off of baking, crafting, and blogging to take care of some boring life stuff. You know, like deciding on a huge risky career change… like leaving my comfortable corporate job of 11 years to work with my husband in our software company… learning all new stuff… working with all new people…you know, that kind of stuff.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my readers or my passion for all things homemade! This blog is not just my hobby but it’s also my therapy. Now that I’m getting settled into my new role, I’ll slowly get back to blogging about my domestic adventures. After all, this is what Blog529 is all about… my constant quest to balance the nine to five with the five to nine!

Anyway, now on to the cupcakes!!

So, one of the big benefits of my new job is that our building management gives us a giant gift bag of candy each month. Some months it’s filled with bomb-ass mini chocolate bars or assorted Hershey’s kisses… some months we get a giant bag of Jolly Ranchers :( I mean seriously, who is going to eat all those Jolly Ranchers? This month, as you may have guessed, we were excited at the arrival of a green bag of Andes Mints! I quickly conducted a Google search for Andes Mint related treats. I decided to go with the cupcakes, but do it my way.

What You Need:

Makes approx 22 cupcakes

  1. Rich’s Bettercream (available at GFS stores in the fridge section) *I highly recommend this for your filling. However, if you don’t have a GFS or are too lazy to make a trip, you could always use your favorite canned frosting or homemade butter-cream frosting
  2. Devil’s Food chocolate cake mix or your favorite chocolate cake recipe (plus ingredients to make the batter)
  3. Peppermint Extract
  4. 25 Andes Mints

Baking supplies: Cupcake pan, cupcake paper liners, pastry bag or Ziplock freezer bag, pastry tip


1. Prepare cake mix as directed on package and fill cupcake liners with batter. A good trick to getting perfectly sized cupcakes is to use an ice cream scoop to spoon the batter into the liners.

I’ll let you in on another little secret for making pretty cupcakes…when you’ve filled all your cups with batter, pick up and drop the pan a couple times on the counter to pop the air bubbles. This way your cupcakes don’t get too puffy and overflow.

2. Bake cupcakes as directed on package. Allow to cool completely.

3. Now it’s time to prepare your filling.

I have a nice detailed tutorial of how to prepare Rich’s Bettercream icing that I used for Hostess-like cream filled cupcakes. Check it out:

Half way through whipping your frosting, add a few teaspoons (and I mean few… like 1/8 tsp) of peppermint extract. A little bit of peppermint extract goes a long way, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You may color your frosting a minty green if you like by adding a few drops of food coloring at this point.

4. Fill the cupcakes by putting a medium/large decorating tip in your piping bag and fill with whipped frosting. Insert the decorating tip into your cupcake and squeeze.

5. Use a large star or round decorating tip to pipe remaining icing on the cupcake

6. Grate 3-4 Andes Mints using a cheese grater and sprinkle on top of your cupcakes

7. Top each cupcake with an Andes Mint

8. Take a BIIIIIG bite… you know, just to taste test

ENJOY!!! Let me know how you liked them :)

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6 Responses to “Andes Mint Cream Filled Cupcakes”

  1. I am in loves- I LOVE andes mint. You are being featured on tickled pink tomorrow!

  2. Ann - Ford says:

    Hi Vanessa, Just wanted to let you know the cupcakes were beautiful and sooo yummy!! Moe has showed me some of the things you have made and they are all awesome, you truly have a talent. Thanks for the wonderful treat.

  3. Sandi (from Ford) says:

    OMG… Moe brought in a dozen of these for us to try. My tummy is still happy. What a wonderful treat to make for the holidays. I have a girls night coming up and was wondering what to make…. I will wonder no more. Thanks for the great treat.

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