Just Hatched: Spring Chick Oreo Pops

By Vanessa on April 17, 11

Spring is here and summer can’t come soon enough for us Michiganders.  With spring on the brain, I dreamed up these cute little spring chicks and couldn’t wait to make them!

These little guys would go great in your kids’ Easter basket along with some “Pimped” up Peeps (from my previous post).

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 package Double Stuff Oreos (Golden or Heads/Tails Oreos would be best)
  • 1 lb yellow candy melts
  • Wilton Flowerful Medley sprinkle mix (found at Michael’s or Joann’s)
  • Mini Easter Egg confetti sprinkles (comes in a 4 sprinkle pack from the Target Dollar Spot)
  • Edible Food Writer
  • Lollipop sticks

Separate out your sprinkles as follows:

  • Orange flowers/leafs from Flowerful Medley mix – Use for feet
  • Orange confetti sprinkles from  Flowerful Medley mix – Use for beak
  • Yellow or white wild flowers from Flowerful Medley mix – Use for feather
  • Yellow egg confetti sprinkles – Use for eyes

To make your Oreo pops, melt candy coating according to package directions.  Be sure to save some candy melt rounds for the heads.  Open up your Oreos and place a chocolate dipped lollipop stick in each one.

Let dry for a few minutes then dip your entire Oreo in the candy coating. Place on wax paper and allow to harden.

While you wait for your Oreos to set, assemble the heads by attaching eyes and two orange confetti sprinkles for each beak.  Attach by using a little bit of melted candy coating as glue.

Once your Oreo is set, “glue” on your chicken head, feet and a feather on top.

They look almost too cute to eat, don’t they?

*Peace Love & Cupcakes*


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5 Responses to “Just Hatched: Spring Chick Oreo Pops”

  1. Mynnette says:

    Too cute!!! TOTALLY pinned! :)

  2. [...] to cool before adding google eyes and some light green spots using light green melted candy. See my Spring Chick Oreo Pop post for more details and tips on how to make chocolate dipped [...]

  3. Abir(Osseili)Makki says:

    OMG, my son looooves Oreos!!! But Oreos with faces, he would be so excited!!

  4. MiraUncut says:

    Vana these are so cute :) You always make the most adorable sweets.

  5. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Saw these on makeandtakes.com Spotlight and my daughter and I just made a few. Such a cute idea!

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